Author: Emily Jordan

Are You My Mother?

Are you my Mother? This classic children’s book by P.D. Eastman shows a little bird on the hunt for his mother. I feel like some us have this same confusion when it comes to our blended families. Are you the mother? What is motherhood? There are many ways a stepmom can ‘mother’ and be part of a child’s life. We can love. We can be the cheerleader. We can be the extra set of hands. Some of us are by necessity more hands on. I know from speaking and praying together that you do not take that role lightly....

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Does Being Spiritually Prepared Really Work in A Court Battle?

The movie War Room was released by the Kendrick Brothers in 2015. Watching the faith story of the Jordan Family unfold was powerful. We follow a struggling family as they get back on track through the power of prayer. This posed the question in my heart… Does Being Spiritually Prepared Really Work in A Court Battle? The movie focused on prayer as a tool to fighting our battles. It was probably the first movie I’ve seen that showed someone struggling spiritually and what they did to change it in such a strong and intentional way! It’s a great movie to...

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When You’re Tired of Being A Stepmom, Become A Rebel!

  The world tells me to be bitter and angry, to throw in the towel when the road gets tough. Emotions flare, events happen and the world says fight back! Put your fists up! The world screams loudly for revenge. But I say, “When You’re Tired of Being A Stepmom, Become A Rebel!” I am a Jesus loving stepmom and the stakes are high. – Emily Jordan, Joyful Stepmom Click To Tweet I’m not here for revenge, I’m not interested in putting up my fists.  As a Christian, my stepmom journey is uncommon.  God calls me to a different...

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The Verse That Carried Me Through 2016!

At the start of a race, runners take their mark on the track. The starter sounds Pop! And each runner is off their mark and down the track in a full sprint. The start of 2016 caught the Jordan Family in the middle of some big life stuff to work through. We were carrying heavy burdens and facing changes right from the start.  We did not have a chance to prep and train like a runner. I think we looked more like fans in the crowd who were dragged out on the track, realized they were part of a...

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Guest Post: "3 Verses Every Stepmom Should Know"

Sitting in a court room, attending school events, and receiving texts are all situations a stepmom finds herself facing. She also has the joy of building her family and watching her children grow! The stepmom journey is full of opportunities to seek God and shout His praise.When I first became a stepmom I thought, what on earth does the Bible have to say for stepmoms? Oh my friend, God has so much wisdom and love prepared for you.  I wanted to share three verses that have spoken to me and can specifically encourage stepmoms. Let’s start with Proverbs 31:25...

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