Author: Willie and Rachel Scott

3 Ways To Become More Than Just “The Stepmother”

  You may not have known this, but there is a distinct difference between, “This is my dad’s wife,” “This is my Stepmother,” and “This is my Step Mom!” What do I mean by this? Sure by marriage you may be considered a stepparent, they may even call you their “Stepmother,” but do you have a meaningful relationship with your stepchildren? Let me explain. Growing up, when my mother remarried I had a stepdad, but I never thought to call him that. Strange right?  I remember one day talking with a friend and mentioning something about, “my mom’s husband.”...

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How To Be Intentional With A Child Who Has Lost A Parent

“All I remember is her suffering…”were the words my daughter (step daughter but that’s my baby) said to me one day as she sat at the kitchen table crying. This statement caught me completely off guard as none of the events that lead to this moment seemed relevant to the moment. At least not right away. Let me explain. One day, my daughter came to me concerned about a bump she felt. So we schedule her an appointment and quickly learned that it was something that could be treated with antibiotics. The doctor wrote the prescription, we ordered the...

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How Snyders Honey BBQ Chips Taught our Family How to Ask for Help

I know what you’re probably thinking, “What in the world! How could a bag of chips teach you anything?” I know it sounds silly, but it did happen. A $1.09 bag of Snyders Honey BBQ chips taught our family how to ask for help on the way to school one day! Let me explain. As most school mornings in our household go, my kids woke up groggy and moving slowly. Thankfully, we managed to make it through that part of the morning without any major problems or confrontations. Things were running rather smoothly for a Thursday morning, but of...

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How 2016 Taught Me To Keep My Sanity In 2017!

2016! Gone and never to return THANK GOODNESS, but I have to admit that I learned some valuable lessons in 2016 that will forever shape who I have become. Although I appreciate those lesson, I almost lost it in 2016 so my goal this year is to live out How 2016 Taught Me To Keep My Sanity in 2017! Here is what has lead me to this point. My youngest son Aaron was born with a severe dairy allergy that I had no idea about until he was almost one year old. Now I must admit that it would have been nice...

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A Blended Family Christmas: 8 Ideas and Tips to help your family Celebrate Christmas

Have you ever wondered how you could make Christmas special when you don’t know how Christmas will look for you from one year to the next? One of the challenges of being a blended family is knowing how to create “family traditions” around this time of year with all of the unique family dynamics that exist. With that in mind, we decided to have a few of our contributors share how they create unity during the holiday season. Read below as we share 8 Ideas and Tips to help your family Celebrate Christmas Vince and Jennifer said: “We like...

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