Author: Willie and Rachel Scott

How To Have A More Peaceful Summer Visit, and Readjustment Time!

When my kids returned to me from their summer visit with their dad, the adjustment period was horrific. Anyone that tells you that raising children in two separate homes, with two sets of rules is a cake walk, isn’t telling you the whole story! It may be easier for them now, but it hasn’t always been that way, I guarantee you. Anyone that tells you that raising children in two separate homes, with two sets of rules is a cake… Click To Tweet   For the first six days of their return, I found myself the referee to their...

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The Truth About My Relationship With My Older Step-Kids!

Summer heat, palm trees, beaches, and amusement parks! Sounds like a dream vacation that no one would ever opt out of if given the option to practically go for free! So why were we on vacation without our three oldest children? As I began to purchase tickets and prepare for our summer vacation, I was shocked and saddened to find out that our working adult and teen kids were probably going to opt to stay with family this vacation to work, instead of joining us. What! I was going to figure out a way around this. So I began...

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How To Keep Your Summer Sanity With A House Full Of Kids

I wish I could say that my summers are full of hot days, popsicles, watermelon and stress free living like everyone else on social media. But for me, that is far from reality. Although one of the perks I have as an educator are the summer breaks, the downfall is that my summer doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to my children. Instead of a teacher during the summer, I am a bus driver. My children really don’t know life with me working through the summer. Since they started attending school I have been in the teaching field in...

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Why I Stopped Trying to be Mr.Fix-it

As a bio dad of 4 kids, adopted dad of 1 and a step dad of 2 my plate can feel pretty full. My children range from age 2 to 21, and although fatherhood is rewarding, when you combine it with being a husband and a business owner, life can be very unpredictable and at times overwhelming. So like most men that want to see things get done, I tended to yell more than I should, to get my point across. Why? Because as the man of the home, I need to be the one that makes sure things...

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3 Ways To Become More Than Just “The Stepmother”

  You may not have known this, but there is a distinct difference between, “This is my dad’s wife,” “This is my Stepmother,” and “This is my Step Mom!” What do I mean by this? Sure by marriage you may be considered a stepparent, they may even call you their “Stepmother,” but do you have a meaningful relationship with your stepchildren? Let me explain. Growing up, when my mother remarried I had a stepdad, but I never thought to call him that. Strange right?  I remember one day talking with a friend and mentioning something about, “my mom’s husband.”...

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