scott-grayscale1Willie and Rachel Scott are the founders of Better Than Blended. A ministry that is dedicated to building blended families that thrive.

As children Willie and Rachel both experienced life in a blended family home. When Willie and Rachel joined together in marriage they both desired for their child children to have a different experience than what they had themselves. They desired for their children to experience oneness. This was an audacious prayer – Willie had 3 children and Rachel had 2 from previous marriages. They now have a total of 7 children ranging from infant to adult. Their testimony, as one family, is a catalyst toward redemption for blended families who are struggling to find common ground.

Willie and Rachel know that God has blessed them to “Blend Gracefully”. With wisdom well beyond their years, their goal is to encourage, mentor and equip blended families to become pillars of strength and an awesome testimony of the sustaining power of God’s truth.

underwood-grayscaleVince and Jennifer Underwood have been married for almost 4 years. They describe themselves as “that CRAZY couple who met and got married within the span of 5 months,” yet they also state that their marriage remains the best decision they have ever made.

Vince and Jennifer have a total of 8 children. A 10 year old daughter from Vince’s first marriage with whom they share custody, a 7 year old adopted son and two additional children together a 2 year old son and an infant daughter. They also have four beautiful angels in heaven.

Vince and Jennifer are passionate about loving others exactly where they are in their lives. They strive to share God’s love and share their experiences in the most authentic way possible. Their family motto is, “we are all ‘beautifully broken'” They are excited about sharing with other blended families all the ways that the Lord has transformed their brokenness.

emily-grayscaleEmily is a Wife, Dog Mom, Coffee Addict- and  Stepmom to the most amazing Teenager. The Joyful Stepmom was founded in 2013 as a place of encouragement for Christian stepmoms. She currently serves on the Advisory Board for Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center.  Emily has been featured on  Natural Health Ezine, Mentoring Moments for Christian Women, and for Her work has been included in Prairie Light Review, Taproot, Orchard Press Mysteries, and where she was awarded an Editor’s Choice Award and the International Who’s Who in Poetry. She has an ebook of collected work through B&N Nook. Emily served for several years with Willow Creek Community Church small group women’s ministry and led her local MOPS childcare for a season.

Marlia Bryonne  is just as unique as her name. Recently married to Manny Hall, she is a wife and mother of 5 young children. Marlia is a writer, blogger, speaker, actress and much more. She has a passion for women in need, women pursuing Christ and supporting her husband’s business. She and her husband have a movement called “We Wait Too” that showcases stories of people that waited to become intimate with their spouse until marriage.

Marlia wakes up with a mission to save lives. Her weapons of choice are the Bible, prayer, fasting, and wisdom. Her life Motto is “There are no limits to what God can do in your life and with your story.” As she walks through this new chapter in her life, she desires to share with others her journey “to” blending and “through” blending. In an authentic and inspiring way, Marlia wants to become a voice of encouragement, wisdom, and life to all who will read.

Better Than Blended Contributor

Marissa N. Ryan Marissa is a single mother (to an amazing boy named Ryan), advocate, student, writer, and speaker. She is the founder of Her Living Purpose which is a non-profit organization that strives to help survivors of rape and/or human trafficking find their living purpose.  As the only member of her family to convert from Buddhism to Christianity, her passion for sharing the truth of God is evident in her writing, speaking, and daily interactions with others, especially her son.

Marissa’s experience as a single parent has been one of many victories and seeming defeats. Through her journey, God has revealed to her how to co-parent and navigate the challenges of raising her son in two separate homes with a parent that has different biblical and spiritual beliefs. Through her co-parenting experience and her understanding of how to help her son learn to adjust to his blended family, she provides a unique perspective to Better than Blended. Having gone through numerous custody battles and painful experiences, Marissa desires to share Godly wisdom and insight to both, single parents that are co-parenting, and those that want to one day marry or remarry.

All in all, Marissa’s faith in God has helped her make it through many parental challenges as she is a firm believer that there is no perfect way to parent, but walking with God through the journey is a necessity.

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