Hi All! We haven’t posted a blog in a while, but we have continued to work on many things that has been a blessing to our blended family and that we believe will continue to be a blessing to so many other blended families as well. As you enjoy your Mother’s Day with your blended family here is an interview that we were privileged to do with Brian and Jannelle of Moody Radio as we discussed tips for Blended Families during Mother’s Day. You can also check out our time spent with them on Facebook Live where we discussed the topic of marriage. Click image below to here the interview.



As always we appreciate you all for being part of our Blended Family Community and if you are not in the Better Than Blended Couples Group please consider joining. Simply click the link below and submit a join request.

We look forward to continuing to walk this journey with you and growing in unity within each of our blended families.

God Bless!

Willie and Rachel


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