About the Founders

Together, Willie and Rachel Scott are the Founders of Better Than Blended, LLC. an organization dedicated to “Building Blended Families That Thrive.” They have written several books and created resources to support blended families in areas such as, having peace during custody battles, navigating difficulties in co-parenting, blending within the home and prioritizing the marriage.

As children Willie and Rachel both experienced life in a blended family home. When joined together in marriage, they both desired for their children to experience unity and oneness within the home. This was an audacious prayer – Willie was widowed with three children and Rachel was divorced with two children. They now have a total of seven children ranging from toddler to adult. Their authenticity about their continual journey of blending is a constant reminder to other blended families that they are walking the journey with them. This has been essential to the success of their family and their organization.

Willie and Rachel know that God has blessed them to “Blend Gracefully.” With wisdom well beyond their years, their desire is to encourage, mentor and equip blended families to become pillars of strength and an awesome testimony of the sustaining power of God’s truth.




is a husband, father, mentor and award-winning community advocate. He worked for Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority, as a public servant, for over 15 years. Willie has a passion for encouraging youth and families. His passion for Christ and unashamed commitment to family is recognized by all who know him. He enjoys working together with his wife to bring the power of the Gospel to the needs of blended families. He is excited about the practical application of strategies designed to strengthen marriages while inspiring families.


Rachel g. scott

Rachel g. scott


is a wife, mother, mentor, author and teacher. She is a graduate of Kansas State University and The University of Mary. She has written an e-Booklet titled, “7 Ways to Deal with Conflict in Co-Parenting.” Rachel is deeply devoted to serving God and raising her children in a godly home where they experience authenticity and embrace their imperfections. She is dedicated to encouraging blended families and working alongside her husband to accomplish this goal.

Vision: Building Blended Families That Thrive!

Mission: Provide resources, support, and community to blended families.

Here are a few areas in which we are fulfilling the Mission and Vision of Better Than Blended

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