Willie & Rachel Scott are the Founders of “Better Than Blended,” a ministry that is dedicated to building blended families that thrive.

Both were raised in single parent homes and were exposed to the challenges of being a blended family at an early age. When Willie and Rachel joined together in marriage they prayed to be better than the blended families they had experienced.  They desired to become one family!

This was an audacious prayer – Willie had 3 children and Rachel had 2 from their previous marriages. They now have a total of 7 children ranging from infant to adult. Their testimony, as one family, will be a catalyst toward redemption for blended families who are struggling to find common ground. 

Willie and Rachel know that God has blessed them to “Blend Gracefully”. With wisdom well beyond their years, their goal is to encourage, mentor and equip blended families to become pillars of strength and an awesome testimony of the sustaining power of God’s truth. 

Willie Scott is a husband, father, mentor and award winning community advocate. He has been working for Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority for over 13 years.

Willie has a passion for encouraging youth and families.  His passion for Christ and unashamed commitment to family is recognized by all who know him. He enjoys working together with his wife to bring the power of the Gospel  to the needs of blended families.  He is excited about the practical application of strategies designed to strengthen marriages while inspiring families.

When conflict comes to us, it’s easy to feel a need to respond saying exactly how we feel. I believe this is a natural human response, especially when you feel it’s an attack on your parenting (be it true or untrue). It wasn’t until my friend encouraged me to respond to all of the nasty text messages with a simple ‘OK’ or by not saying anything at all, I was able to defuse the conflict. Saying nothing was like watching a balloon blow up and letting go of the end to watch the air seep slowly out of it. It had no place to go, but away.

The High Conflict Parent thrives off of your responses and when you don’t give any after a few tries, they stop fighting in the ring alone.  “7 Ways To Deal With Conflict In Co-Parenting” gives you practical ways and real life scenarios in an effort to bring control and peace of mind back into your interaction.

Rachel Scott is a wife, mother, mentor, author and teacher. She is a graduate of Kansas State University and The University of Mary. She has written an e-Booklet titled, “7 Ways to Deal with Conflict in Co-Parenting”.

Rachel is deeply devoted to serving God and raising her children in a Godly home where they experience authenticity and embrace their imperfections.  She is dedicated to encouraging blended families and working alongside her husband to accomplish this goal.

What is Better Than Blended?

If we had to use one word to describe what it means to be Better Than Blended it would be INTENTIONAL. We believe that we begin to see our blended family THRIVE when we decide to become intentional in our interactions with our spouses, our children and other outside influences. 

Our ultimate goal is to encourage and build blended families by addressing concerns in areas such as:

– Co-Parenting

– Step-Children

– Step-Parenting

– Biological Children

– Conflict

– Marriage

– Faith

– Much More

It is our desire to hear amazing stories of how your blended family has gone from surviving to THRIVING.

How You Can Contact Us

We love to be interactive with our BTB community. The BTB Facebook Communityor Forum is a great place for us to connect and interact.

We understand that everyone may not be a facebook user. Another great way for us to interact is the comments section of any blog post. We would love for you to share your thoughts and feedback on here as well.

Email is also a great way for us to answer questions and get your feedback.

All of these are great ways for us to connect, so please pick one and lets connect!


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