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The Joyful Stepmom Community!

In the Fall of 2013, a little Facebook group needed someone to post verses and lead prayer. A prompting in my heart said, “Hey, you can do that.” Without a leader, this Facebook group for Christian stepmoms would close. There were only 50 of us at the time. Why would it matter? It mattered because this was our community. Finding a Christian stepmom to pray with you is a treasure.  Founding The Joyful Stepmom came from a need for community with my Christian sisters. ​I think it’s no secret that blended families make up a broad part of our...

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Let’s Celebrate National Stepfamily Week Together!

Everyone loves a good celebration. Balloons, food, confetti and don’t forget the cake! Many of us even have “Gather” signs in our homes symbolizing how important it is to love on our people and be together. Did you know that September 16-22 is National Stepfamily Week? Founded in 1997 by Christy Borgeld, this is a day created out of love to recognize your stepfamily! We are invited to share our stories, have a picnic and throw a good old party to celebrate being together. I can see you backing away. Wait, that’s what you are talking about? Celebrating our...

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Journal A Day To Keep The Stress Away!

I love school supplies. During Back-to-School season, the stores are filled with stacks of new notebooks and boxes of colored pens. It makes me giddy like a first grader starting school! I am a pen and paper kind of girl. This is my season to shine! This season also brings its own kind of anxiety to the blended family. There are new shifts and transitions to navigate. There will be new dynamics between teachers and parents. If you are not the primary parent, there is an extra layer of communication to stay involved with your child. And stepmoms, we...

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Are You My Mother?

Are you my Mother? This classic children’s book by P.D. Eastman shows a little bird on the hunt for his mother. I feel like some us have this same confusion when it comes to our blended families. Are you the mother? What is motherhood? There are many ways a stepmom can ‘mother’ and be part of a child’s life. We can love. We can be the cheerleader. We can be the extra set of hands. Some of us are by necessity more hands on. I know from speaking and praying together that you do not take that role lightly....

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Does Being Spiritually Prepared Really Work in A Court Battle?

The movie War Room was released by the Kendrick Brothers in 2015. Watching the faith story of the Jordan Family unfold was powerful. We follow a struggling family as they get back on track through the power of prayer. This posed the question in my heart… Does Being Spiritually Prepared Really Work in A Court Battle? The movie focused on prayer as a tool to fighting our battles. It was probably the first movie I’ve seen that showed someone struggling spiritually and what they did to change it in such a strong and intentional way! It’s a great movie to...

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