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Losing My Mom At Age 10 by Kristina Fucci

In a perfect world, childhood is a time of joyful innocence, brimming with activity, warmth from your family, and wonder at all you’re learning and experiencing. Yes, my childhood included many of these things: a loving family, fun activities, sports, arts, crafts, vacations, church, school, friends, birthday parties, girl scouts, daddy-daughter-dances, mother-daughter teas. But when my mom died, my world was shattered. It no longer mattered to me how good my life had been, or what I had learned at Vacation Bible School. I knew the “truth.” My experience taught me God did not love me. The loss I felt screamed...

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3 Things Every Child in a Blended Family Must Have

Guest Post by Ananda Joy Rosario I used to hate that one line from that one Disney movie that says that one thing about family and no one getting left behind. You know which one I’m talking about, right? “Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind.” That movie with the beautiful tropical setting has a great lesson for viewers, but a less than picturesque, painful pinch for those who have been left behind. For many years I felt “left behind”. My dad went off to the military, and my mom moved out with her new boyfriend. When...

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When your Family Needs Recharging

  One of the many features on my iPhone is the low battery mode.  At around 20% of the battery life, my ever so smart phone asks me if I would like to switch to low battery mode in order to conserve my battery life. The goal is to preserve the life of my phone a little while longer.  What I love most about this is that I don’t have to remember to check the battery before it dies; the nice folks at Apple considered the busyness of my life and made it more convenient for me to recognize when I need recharging.  Wouldn’t it...

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Simply 5: Let them eat cake (And make a mess of it too)

  My sister-in-law recently shared a screenshot of my 16 month-old nephew in the middle of what looked like snow all over her living room floor. Snow? I thought. Not so much. Rather very meticulously torn pieces of tissue. I loved it!! She, however, was not quite as amused (she did have to clean it up after all.) He, on the other hand, was very proud of his work. We’ve all seen the photos and memes of children and toddlers in the most precarious of situations: covered in shaving cream, tattooed with sharpies, flour wars in the living rooms.  And while...

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5 Habits for Making Family Time a Priority

When I was asked to contribute to Simply Five, it was like winning an Emmy. Me? You want me to contribute and share my ideas for making the most of family-time? Oh thank you (princess wave)!! Then it hit me, Shawna, you actually need to write something to contribute.  But when? I find it hard enough to make time to take a nice shower, if I can be candidly honest.  My mommy life is jammed packed with work, homework, dinner, dance classes, on top of laundry, soccer practice and basketball games, Between vacuuming, cleaning and church events, when I’m not attending meetings...

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