Author: Heather Erwin

Can You Really Love Everybody The Same?

What is love? No, I’m not referring to the song by Haddaway from the 90s. I’m talking about feelings we have for one another or towards something. Merriam-Webster defines love in multiple ways: (1) a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties, (2) warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion, and (3) unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for another. We all have our own definition of love, per se, but in a blended family, love is definitely different for each individual involved. There are different kinds of love…between parents and children, parents and stepchildren, sibling to sibling,...

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The Memory Jar

Now that the holidays have passed, New Year’s resolutions are here! It’s time to drop those pounds, quit drinking soda or coffee, and start flossing regularly. Most people look at the beginning of a new year as a chance to “quit” something bad as opposed to “start” something good. How did resolutions begin anyway? It is believed that the tradition of resolutions dates back to 46 B.C., in which a mythical god of Rome named Janus (i.e., January) influenced the ritual. Janus is called the god of beginnings and transitions. Also believed to be the god of gates, doors,...

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