Author: John and Hannah Bapties

What Parenting a Teenager has Taught Me as a Stepdad

Spoiler alert, raising a teenager is understandably known as a painstaking experience. For a parent who has never had a child before, like myself, the teenage years can be overwhelming. The child may often be quick to remind you that you are not their parent and your spouse may even run to their defense during times of conflict. One minute you and your spouse are on the same page, the next minute you are in the hot seat. This is a sensitive and precarious time. 

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The Importance of Building Family Traditions!

This past holiday season we have spent some time together communicating what kind of new things we could add to our traditions as a blended family. The very nature of a blended family is that two people have come together to start new. This new union causes a group of people to come together that have not yet had time to establish the type of strong natural bonds that a biological child generally has with a parent who has been present since birth. This includes family traditions. In a blended family, each person is coming in with their own...

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