Author: Kathryn Abercrombie-Rodnick

Making Her House My Home: How To

In my teenage years and through college, I had a pretty clear vision for what my first home was going to be. I was imagining a small apartment or a little townhouse, something in a big bustling city with very little square footage. What I was not expecting was a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house partially attached to a restaurant in a part of Pennsylvania that I had never visited let alone wanted to live in. Oh, and to make matters worse, it was the house my husband shared with his ex-wife and their children. Talk about an interesting start to marriage and my new family. 

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Loving the “Un-Loveable” Through Divorce and Custody

My first experience as a mom was when I became a step-mom!

When I married my husband, I became a step-mother to three children. During that time in our lives, custody was a scary subject. Both sides of the divorce were still living in chaos, trying to pursue healing, and create a new normal. It definitely took a toll on the kids. The greatest heartbreak, in my opinion, was the 2 1/2-year-old that was stuck in the middle. She had no idea what it was like to have both parents living under the same roof and, to her, chaos was a normal part of life.

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When A Change In Custody Feels Like Betrayal

My husband’s custody battle started in the winter of 2015 with what we thought was an empty threat and ended the Monday after Mother’s Day of that same year with that threat becoming a reality. For our entire dating relationship and the first year of our marriage, we were far beyond wounded… it would be more accurate to say we were on and off of life support. We were hurt, angry, and betrayed… by one of the kids. And that was what made it all so much worse.

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Can We Have A Custody Re-do?

As of today, we are coming up on three years of custody stuff, and I finally feel like I’m allowing myself to begin the healing process. Oh, if only I could do it over again with what I am learning now, things would be much different. If you find yourself along for a similar ride, let me give you a few helpful ways to cope with a custody battle, that I learned after the fact:

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Sharing is caring!

Co-parenting has been the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced. I’ve tried it from many angles. Most of the time, it’s been an all-out war. But, what I hope you will see as I’ve shared authentically in my other blogs is that although being a stepmom has not been easy, it has been the greatest opportunity of all time for me to share and model Christ with the most unexpected person- my husband’s ex-wife. When I started dating my husband, my goal was to join forces with his ex- after all, we both had the same goal, right? We were...

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