Author: Rachel Scott

An Excerpt from 40&7: A Practical Guide To Having Peace During A Custody Battle

Introduction   One of the most mentally and physically exhausting experiences I have had to date was going to court and fighting for nine months for custody of two of my seven children. This process was painful on so many levels. The ugliness and frustration of it all consumed me. Each time I thought it was almost over, some new accusation or threat came up. I was completely discouraged and often wondered, God, where are You? Do You see what’s happening to me? I knew that God could work everything out and allow the truth to come forth, but...

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Set Your Christmas Thermostat To Reflect Christ

What does Christmas look like in your blended family home? Do you find yourself trying to set an atmosphere of love and peace in the midst of chaos and confusion? If so, let’s talk about how you can Set your Christmas Thermostat to Reflect Christ this year. Have you ever stopped to consider how hectic the first Christmas must have been? Let’s just think about this, based on the accounts and details of the story in the bible, it doesn’t seem like it was a very calm day at all. If we think back to the story of Jesus,...

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The Remarried Stepmom

As a remarried mother, my journey can feel much like a beautifully and uniquely created bird that has wings but can’t fly. Here is what I mean by that. Recently my son and I took a trip to Chic Fil A after he had finished competing in his elementary school’s speech meet. Rather than going inside, I chose to preserve my mommy energy for a trip to the Hobby Lobby I spotted a mile away. So like the other cars in front of me, I paced myself through the long yet fast drive-thru. Although there are many things I...

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Loving Outside of the Bloodline: Showing Love in a Blended Family

Let me preface this story by explaining that I am a protector by nature and sometimes that natural protector can jump the gun. Not long ago my step daughter came home and shared a concern regarding someone that we knew. The person had been making harsh statements toward her and it was beginning to get a little out of hand. The statement didn’t seem to bother her much but before I knew it I was upset beyond explanation and had gone from calm to extremely upset. I had turned into Mama Bear protecting her cub. I knew I had...

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Rush Rage and the Blended Family Road

  I have to admit that sometimes I have an issue with rage on the road. Not the kind that drives 30 miles above the speed limit or gives mean gestures to people when they aren’t driving fast enough. No, not that kind at all. Mine is not so much road rage as it is Rush Rage. It’s more like ‘I’m in a Rush, so move faster.’ I’m not like those people that want to drive fast just because they can. It’s really not my fault. It’s just that everything around me slows down when I’m late. The speed...

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