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Our Lastest Interview on The Writers Lens with Joshua Faltot

Last week we had the amazing opportunity to be interviewed on The Writers Lens Podcast by Joshua Faltot. Josh “J.C.L.” Faltot, is a writer and self-published author of “The Road To Mars” and other works like, “The Scientist’s Dilemma” and “Spirit, Run.” On his podcast, he talks about his writing journey, but also a myriad of other topics such as passion, failure, faith, recognizing opportunity – all through the lens of an aspiring writer. In this Interview we shared a little about how we (Willie and Rachel) met, our business journey,and how we juggle life and business. You can...

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What is CEO of Ziglar Family, Mark Timm, saying about Better than Blended?

Zig Ziglar was one of the world’s greatest and most influential motivational speakers and family advocates. His work and legacy are beyond extraordinary and has been proven to be an amazing resource for individuals, families and companies. This is why we are so excited to have Mark Timm, CEO of Ziglar Family contribute the Foreword for our Revised Better than Blended Workbook.   Mark is not only the CEO of Ziglar Family, but he is also part of a blended family as well. He and his wife Ann have a total of 6 children that they have had the...

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An Open Letter to Lysa TerKeurst

  It had been a while since I’d opened my collection of emails from Proverbs 31 ministries. I had gotten so busy with life that my First 5 morning devotionals had diminished and the reality of only having 24 hours in a day had been consuming the most important moments of my day. But on this day, I had chosen to take a different path to devotion and sneak away to my office for a moment of seclusion. As I sat there, I opened my phone with the intention of going to a bible app and reading. But instead,...

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How To Have A More Peaceful Summer Visit, and Readjustment Time!

When my kids returned to me from their summer visit with their dad, the adjustment period was horrific. Anyone that tells you that raising children in two separate homes, with two sets of rules is a cake walk, isn’t telling you the whole story! It may be easier for them now, but it hasn’t always been that way, I guarantee you. Anyone that tells you that raising children in two separate homes, with two sets of rules is a cake… Click To Tweet   For the first six days of their return, I found myself the referee to their...

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The Truth About My Relationship With My Older Step-Kids!

Summer heat, palm trees, beaches, and amusement parks! Sounds like a dream vacation that no one would ever opt out of if given the option to practically go for free! So why were we on vacation without our three oldest children? As I began to purchase tickets and prepare for our summer vacation, I was shocked and saddened to find out that our working adult and teen kids were probably going to opt to stay with family this vacation to work, instead of joining us. What! I was going to figure out a way around this. So I began...

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