Are you and your spouse step-parenting, adoptive parenting, or co-parenting?
Have you ever found yourself saying things like,
“What did I get myself into?”
“Why do I feel like a visitor in my own home?”
“I just don’t think I can do this marriage anymore, it’s too hard?”
Do you find yourself daydreaming about living life with your spouse without all the confusion, added frustrations, or outside influences?
Here is what we have found, there are silent struggles that couples often do not address in an effort to keep the ‘peace.’ The problem is that the success of a marriage is not determined by how well you avoid problems, but rather the tools you implement to work through them.
That is why we want you to join us October 6, 2018 at the Doubletree in Beachwood, Ohio for our Beyond Blending Couples Conference. The goal of this conference is to provide couples in blended families with tools to help them refocus on whats most important, THE MARRIAGE.
Join us as we share the stage with speakers and authors such as:
  • Charles Finck, Speaker and Author of “As We Forgive Those: How To Forgive Others, Ourselves And God
  • Kevin and Maria Wingard, Blended Family, Marriage, and Financial Mentors
  • Eric Graves, Speaker and Founder of D.R.E.A.M.
  • Aaron and Daniell Powell, Speakers and Entrepreneurs
  • Sara Williams, Founder of Foundations Educational Consulting, LLC.
  • Brandi Moses, Owner of The Called Stepmom
  • Our Women’s Panel Discussion
  • Our Man Cave Hangout
  • and more!
The room will be full of other couples from across the country that desire to gain tools to help them learn to blend better and make their marriage priority.
We will laugh together, grow together, and build awesome community as we learn how to live Beyond Blending.

Speakers, Sessions, Times and Location subject to change.

Conference Session Speakers:

Willie and Rachel G. Scott

Better Than Blended, LLC, Owners

Speaker Bio:

Together, Willie and Rachel Scott are the Authors of Better Than Blended: Taking Your Family from Surviving To Thriving. Rachel has also written “40&7: A Practical Guide To Having Peace During A Custody Battle” and e-Book, “7 Ways To Deal With Conflict In Co-Parenting”. They are the Founders of Better Than Blended, LLC. A ministry that is dedicated to building blended families that thrive. As children Willie and Rachel both experienced life in a blended family home. When Willie and Rachel joined together in marriage they both desired for their children to have a different experience than what they had themselves. They desired for their children to experience oneness. This was an audacious prayer – Willie had 3 children and Rachel had 2 from previous marriages. They now have a total of 7 children ranging from toddler to adult. Their testimony, as one family, is a catalyst toward redemption for blended families who are struggling to find common ground.

Willie and Rachel know that God has blessed them to “Blend Gracefully”. With wisdom well beyond their years, their goal is to encourage, mentor and equip blended families to become pillars of strength and an awesome testimony of the sustaining power of God’s truth.

Charles F. Finck

Author of As We Forgive Those

Speaker Bio:

Charles F. Finck, M.S. has been counseling and teaching for over 35 years. In 2001 he founded Liberty Cross Ministries. Charlie specializes in individual and marriage and family counseling and teaches nationally and internationally. Formerly a B-52 pilot in the U.S. Air Force, he brings a dynamic and varied history to his presentations. Charlie’s desire is to share the message of hope and healing in a relationship with Jesus Christ. He does this through seminars, schools and scripturally based prayer counseling. His most recent work, As We Forgive Those: How to Forgive Others, Ourselves and God, reveals insights gathered over years of ministry.

Charlie lives in Washington State with his wife, Deborah and their very special son, Jonathan, who they adopted at 24 hours old.

Kevin and Maria Wingard

Blended Family and Financial Mentors

Speaker Bio:

Kevin and Maria were introduced in June 2012 and married in 2013 which blessed them both with the joys and challenges of a blended family. Maria is a bio mom to her adult son, and Kevin a bio dad to an adult daughter and son, both of whom are married. Grandparenthood has blessed them with two granddaughters and a step-granddaughter. Kevin walked thru his divorce with adult children, which provided unique challenges as well as advantages. Maria walked the road of single motherhood for 13 years between her divorce and remarriage. During this time, she spent almost a decade involved in numerous custody battles which birthed a deep empathy for those walking the divorced battlefield road. She knows thru God hope can arise from the trauma of divorce and remarriage to grant anyone an ability to walk healthy and whole in this journey called life.  Along with mentoring and counseling others how to Biblically walk the divorced road, she knows personally the hardships divorce can cause financially. She had to go from a part-time employee to full-time then add a second job right after the divorce because her home was in the beginning stages of foreclosure. Kevin and Maria also know the challenges created by combining finances and paying off debt due to divorce.

You can recover from the financial devastation. With her 17-year career plus life experience in finance, she has helped many get set free financially so they can live debt free thru one on one mentoring and as former FPU counselor at her hometown church. Maria is an aspiring writer, speaker, and life coach who loves to point people to Jesus by relying on God’s word as the resource for wisdom and supply. This whole person mentoring on how to take care of our families in a balanced Biblically inspired direction provides practical and spiritual applications for every area of life. Maria firmly believes in the healing of our own soul wounds to facilitate peace and bring hope to individuals as well as within our families.

Eric Graves

Author and Owner of D.R.E.A.M.

Speaker Bio:

EG Graves, a professional Life and Family coach for over a decade, has encouraged families to reach their maximum potential in who they are in the Kingdom of God. With over fifteen years of experience in youth ministry and twenty years of experience in performing arts, his message is combined with love and creativity and inspires children and parents alike to raise the standard of their walk with God.

Growing up in a blended family of seven siblings, EG Graves experienced the challenges of living in a home where co-parenting was a challenge and as a result had to overcome rejection and abandonment issues.

EG Graves’ motivational messages have been used effectively in programs for youth departments, schools, faith-based organizations, personal development, businesses, confidence building and theatrical stage performances. His presentations are engaging, thought provoking and of high energy. They focus on ways to walk in our full potential of who God created us to be. EG Graves reveals the steps to expressing our unique talents, and stretching beyond the boundaries of our usual thinking. Coupled with his practical take-away tools, these presentations will leave families educated, encouraged and empowered to live and pursue the God-given call on their lives.

Aaron and Daniell Powell

Speakers and Entrepreneurs

Speaker Bio:

Aaron and Daniell Powell are an amazing blended family couple with a total of 9 children. Their journey as entrepreneurs have brought them through paths of hope and healing and their desire to find success Gods way is an evident part of their testimony. With a passion for marriage, family and Jesus they will share the impact of having work life balance.

Conference Panel Speakers:

Temara Collins-Ford

My TLC Journey, Owner

Temara was a single mother for 14 years until she married in 2013. She and her husband now have a son together who is on the autism spectrum and are learning to blend while choosing to live a healthy lifestyle.

As the creator and Founder of MyTLCJourney, a Wellness Coach, Motivational Speaker, Inspiration and Lifestyle, Blogger and Podcaster, Temara inspires and educates people on how to live a healthier lifestyle by using honest application of truth, humble beginnings, and her infectious love for people.

She is dedicated and committed to lead anyone who will listen. In a place of harmony, by cultivating, inspiring and investing in the innumerable possibilities of wholeness and tranquility. Temara is also an advocate for Autism Acceptance.

Brandi Moses

The Called Stepmom, Owner

Brandi is a thirty-something wife and stepmom of two young adults. She works full-time as an Executive Assistant in the corporate world, but her real passion is ministering to stepmoms from across the country through her blog, The Called Stepmom. She writes about the hope, healing and restoration available to step and blended families, while also sharing funny stories and practical advice from her own journey.

Sara Williams

Foundations Educational Consulting, LLC, Director

Sara Williams is the Owner and Founder of Foundations Educational Consulting, LLC. which provides educational counseling and support to families and students. She is also the creator of Dear Homeschool Mom, a platform that provides resources and encouragement for homeschool families.

Brad Luczywo

Bio-Dad and BTB Contributor

Brad and Julie are a newly blended couple. They have been married since May of 2016. After Brad walked through the pain of being widowed with two young children in the fall of 2010, he made it a priority to pray for a new wife and mother with his children. Now they parent four wonderful children, Brady(10), Halle (8), Hannah(4) and Graham their newest addition. The children have been thrilled with the addition of Graham to their ranks. They are working towards building a family rooted in God’s love and truth.

Jennifer Underwood

Stepmom, Adopted-Mom and Owner of Hot-Mess Messenger

Jennifer and her husband Vince are a blended family through both adoption and marriage. Their heart is to help other couples navigate the awesomeness of blended family life especially families who have been touched by addiction. Jennifer narrates her talks with God and random thoughts on her YouTube VLOG The Hot Mess Messenger.

Marissa Noydara


Marissa is a single mother to a young boy that has been going through a custody battle since 2010 to this present time. She shares her heart and struggles of not having primary custody, God’s purpose over this and what she has learned from years of battling with her son’s father.

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