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When conflict comes to us, it’s easy to feel a need to respond saying exactly how we feel. I believe this is a natural human response, especially when you feel it’s an attack on your parenting (be it true or untrue). It wasn’t until my friend encouraged me to respond to all of the nasty text messages with a simple ‘OK’ or by not saying anything at all, I was able to defuse the conflict. Saying nothing was like watching a balloon blow up and letting go of the end to watch the air seep slowly out of it. It had no place to go, but away.

The High Conflict Parent thrives off of your responses and when you don’t give any after a few tries, they stop fighting in the ring alone.  “7 Ways To Deal With Conflict In Co-Parenting” gives you practical ways and real life scenarios in an effort to bring control and peace of mind back into your interaction.

Check out our interview on 1220 am “Living The Word” with Jon Loufmann discussing our experiences, and giving practical suggestions and resolutions.

LTW – Blended Family Interview pt. 1

LTW – Blended Family Interview pt. 2

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