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When A Change In Custody Feels Like Betrayal

My husband’s custody battle started in the winter of 2015 with what we thought was an empty threat and ended the Monday after Mother’s Day of that same year with that threat becoming a reality. For our entire dating relationship and the first year of our marriage, we were far beyond wounded… it would be more accurate to say we were on and off of life support. We were hurt, angry, and betrayed… by one of the kids. And that was what made it all so much worse.

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Prayer and Support in the Season of Court

Court and custody, what a challenging experience for any blended family. It is one of the heaviest things we can walk through. To share custody and decisions with someone who often disagrees with you and is difficult to get along with and to have to do this during and after a custody battle is humbling.

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Can We Have A Custody Re-do?

As of today, we are coming up on three years of custody stuff, and I finally feel like I’m allowing myself to begin the healing process. Oh, if only I could do it over again with what I am learning now, things would be much different. If you find yourself along for a similar ride, let me give you a few helpful ways to cope with a custody battle, that I learned after the fact:

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