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The movie War Room was released by the Kendrick Brothers in 2015. Watching the faith story of the Jordan Family unfold was powerful. We follow a struggling family as they get back on track through the power of prayer. This posed the question in my heart…

Does Being Spiritually Prepared Really Work in A Court Battle?

The movie focused on prayer as a tool to fighting our battles. It was probably the first movie I’ve seen that showed someone struggling spiritually and what they did to change it in such a strong and intentional way! It’s a great movie to watch for your marriage or just your own personal Christian walk.

Miss Clara is a beloved character. She meets the Jordan family and becomes instrumental in their faith journey.  I think we can agree, we all need a Miss Clara in our lives! I love saving quotes from Miss Clara. Here is a favorite:

When you are part of a blended family, chances are pretty high that you’ve been to court. I think I can I speak for the general majority of us here. We’ve either received the notice in the mail or maybe the lawyer has told us this is the last and best option. No matter what the reason or what end of the stick you are on, court is not fun for anyone.

Our first reaction is to storm around a little bit, line up legal counsel, and try to prepare all of the documentation we believe will be helpful to us. But let me ask, do you prepare spiritually for court?

God is concerned with every area of our lives. He wants you to turn to Him in this part too.

I wanted to share with you a practice I started early in our marriage, and it looks very similar to Elizabeth Jordan in the War Room. I call it “The House Walk.” It is the practice of praying your way through the home, intentionally covering each member of the family and calling out whatever issue is at hand. You’ll remember Elizabeth in the movie storming through the house calling out to God. It was a very moving scene.

When doing The House Walk, I start at my front door. Take a deep breath and slow down. This isn’t the time to think about the to-do list or what you are making for dinner. Settle in for some time of prayer. You are going to start at the front door and walk intentionally and prayerfully through each room of the house. In the living room, pray for your family. In your kitchen, pray for provision. I will often go in my stepson’s room to sit and talk to Jesus about him. Walking through the halls, bring your concerns about court to the Lord. In your bedroom, pray for your marriage.

Sometimes I have a lot to discuss with God! The words come freely and my House Walk is a passionate plea. Other times, I just feel called to move through our home. I will pick a verse and read it aloud in each room and then remain still for a moment.

If the whole idea of The House Walk sounds weird or uncomfortable, that’s ok! I thought it was odd at first too. I read about it on a blog somewhere myself, and thought, it certainly can’t hurt. It has become a treasured part of my spiritual walk particularly during trying times. No matter what season you are in, I hope The House Walk helps you grow deeper in your walk with the Lord.