I Can’t Come Down Book

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Purpose and Assignment. Two things that determine how we choose to live our lives. Without an understanding of these two critical elements, we are often left wandering, unfulfilled, misunderstood, or misdirected.

‘I Can’t Come Down,’ is a movement that desires to equip women (and men) with a greater understanding of PURPOSE , ASSIGNMENT and FOCUS.

In the story of Nehemiah, something significant happened when he chose to identify his purpose, walk in his assignment, and remain focused until his assignment was complete. Nehemiah’s decision to stay focused on his assignment no matter what distractions came towards him impacted his family, community, and future generations. .

The same is true for us!

WE have a purpose, WE have an assignment, and WE have a responsibility to stay focused to completion.

So let’s  determine that no matter the distraction, no matter the difficulty, I am working on something great and


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