BTB Blog - Journal A Day To Keep The Stress Away!

I love school supplies. During Back-to-School season, the stores are filled with stacks of new notebooks and boxes of colored pens. It makes me giddy like a first grader starting school! I am a pen and paper kind of girl. This is my season to shine!

This season also brings its own kind of anxiety to the blended family. There are new shifts and transitions to navigate. There will be new dynamics between teachers and parents. If you are not the primary parent, there is an extra layer of communication to stay involved with your child. And stepmoms, we begin the annual question of “Where do I fit in?” There’s a lot going on!

I am a stepmom, so I would like to speak to the heart of this member of the family. Stepmoms, next time you run errands take a look at the school supplies.

Stop and take one minute just for you.

Find a notebook you like, maybe it’s your favorite color or the picture on the front makes you laugh. Pick out a new pen to write with too! This will be your new prayer journal for the school year.

Why do you need a prayer journal?

We need a place to vent, cry, share and talk to Jesus. Use this journal to pour your heart out to the Lord. A journal is something you can keep and look back and see how the Lord has worked in your life! Use it to mark your answered prayers. You can share it with your husband. Or just write out your flood of prayers to the Lord and destroy the physical paper later. The Lord has already heard your heart and captured your innermost thoughts.

I lead a ministry called The Joyful Stepmom on Facebook. We are a group of Christian stepmoms who gather together and pray for one another. You are welcome to find us and join! Sharing your prayers in community or on social media is great, we are called to pray for each other. But the Bible also says in Matthew 6:6 “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” Use your journal as this time to pray privately to the Lord.

If you are new to prayer or new to journaling, Back-to-School is a great time to start. Take this opportunity to meet the Lord in a new way. Take yourself school supply shopping and find a journal you like. In the morning when the kids are at school or when you have a few quiet minutes before bed, just start to write a few notes. Write about your day, start to add your feelings. Some people like to bullet journal or address this as a letter to the Lord. There is no wrong way to journal. It is just a wonderful practice that can grow your prayer life and relationship with Jesus. He longs to hear from you!

I pray this school year is a good one for you, Stepmoms! May it be filled with growth in the Lord. Happy Journaling!