BTB Youversion Devotional

Strong blended families aren’t the result of some magic pill or a single prayer. Strong blended families require application of the Word of God, willingness to work toward growth, and the ability to apply the wisdom of God in situations! As you read through the Better than Blended 8-Day Devotional, you will find tools that will enhance your blended family experience, strengthen your blended family and marriage, as well as help you to become more intentional with working toward unity and oneness.

Better Than Blended CouplesPK

Marriage can be challenging, but when you add in the factor of blending a family this can make the word “challenging” an understatement. In our resource “Better Than Blended: Taking Your Family From Surviving To Thriving” you will get insight on how to keep your marriage a priority while blending gracefully.

Getting Back To Us Marriage Kit

Friendship is a critical component to a healthy and thriving marriage! So whether you desire to keep the friendship going strong or wanting to get back to it the Getting Back To US Marriage Kit is a great tool to get back to building a strong marriage!

Couples Mentoring Session

Couples Mentoring is for:

  • Engaged couples with children
  • Individual marrying or married to someone that doesn’t currently have children
  • Married couples that are having challenges with blending in the home
  • Couples having problems related to adoption (in-home and outside influences)
  • Couples having challenges with co-parenting

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