We offer Co-Parenting & Custody Support?

We offer Stepmom Support?


WE OFFER Individual Mentoring & Support

Mentoring is a unique and exciting opportunity for our team to get to know you better and walk this blended family journey with you more closely. The goal of the mentoring sessions is to share our experiences, trials, and triumphs in hopes that you will gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding to better equip you in your blended family challenges.  Each mentoring session is unique because each family is unique, so although we follow basic mentoring guidelines, there is no template that we use to mentor families. We do, however, work together to find the best mentor for you. Our overall goal is to be a source of encouragement, hope, and wisdom as we actively participate in the growth of your family from being just blended to Better than Blended.

1:1 Individual Mentoring Session is perfect for:

  • Single parents
  • Individual’s needing to better adjust to their role within the family (non-couple related)
  • Individual’s having custody and co-parenting challenges
  • Outside influences that desires be a better support to a blended family

1:1 Couples Mentoring Session is perfect for:

  • Engaged couples with children
  • Individual marrying or married to someone that doesn’t currently have children
  • Married couples that are having challenges with blending in the home
  • Couples having problems related to adoption (in-home and outside influences)
  • Couples having challenges with co-parenting

Custody & co-parenting mentoring sessions are good for:


  • Individuals or Couples needing to navigate through challenges that arise with Co-Parenting
  • Individuals or Couples currently going through, or trying to recover from a custody battle
  • Individuals who desire to support their spouse through a custody battle
  • Friend our family that desire be a better support to a blended family

FREE one-time 15 minute consultation!

Whether you are in need of Individual Mentoring or Couples Mentoring we want to provide you with the best service possible. This FREE session will allow us to hear your heart and get a better understanding of what challenges you may be facing so that we can connect you with the right mentor, service, product, or resource. If you have not subscribed, Please Do So. You must be subscribed to take advantage of the opportunity!

Don’t worry it’s FREE!

Scroll through the calendar to see what days are available, then use the left and right arrows to select the day that works best for you. You will then see available time slots. Select the time that you desire then Confirm. On the following screen, please provide your contact information then click, “Schedule Event.”

You’re all set! You will receive a follow-up email within 24 hours with detailed information about how you will connect with our team for the consultation. We look forward to meeting with you.

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