​Ready, set, ACTION…..As the year 2017 quickly approaches, I find myself going over the do’s and don’ts of my life. At the end of every year I conduct a review of the various trials and tribulations that endured and how I overcame them with the Lord. It’s like I have this mental recording system that allows me to fast forward, rewind, and press pause on the meaningful moments of my life. Meaningful by definition is when something is full of significance, purpose, or value. One of my most significant moments is when I discovered the most important thing I learned from the uncensored me.

​As a newlywed, mother, speaker, and minister, the pressure is always on and the spotlight never turns off. I’ve found myself in very difficult situations when I had to act like things were all together when they really weren’t. I had to smile when I wanted to cry and I had to fight when I wanted to give up. When asked the simple question, “how are you doing?” I could never respond with my truth. The pressure was always on and I always wanted to look like Jesus was my best friend therefore I couldn’t have an off day. The devil is liar.

The uncensored me came about through weeks of acting like everything was okay. While at the same time I continued to suffer from physical and emotional pain. I felt that if people saw my low moments then they would question My Savior. As if God would never allow a believer to go through such hard times. While wearing the “all is well” front, I focused mainly on being the blessed and highly favored family, the perfect wife, and mother. Even though perfect people don’t exist, that was my mentality at the time.

I now realize that God never asked for perfection. He just desires for us to get Him involved in our imperfections. When we are concerned about our finances, tell Him. When our spouses don’t treat us the best, tell Him. When our children are acting like they are from another planet, tell Him. Also, be honest and content with where you are in life. People need to see the uncensored version of you. They need to see when you fall and when you rise. They also need to see your faith when all things to the natural eye should produce fear. I’m not telling you to go air your business on social media or to your coworkers. I encourage you to be selective with who you share the deepest details of your life with. But what I am suggesting is that you own your truth knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance and patience so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. (James 1:3-4) Your life is your ministry which means that you are always on assignment. Let the world experience what God is doing in your life and with your uncensored self.