Photo by Genesis PhotographyDays like today, I find myself reflecting on what an incredible blessing it is to be married to my husband. It’s not a national holiday, nor is it his birthday.

It’s just a day that I am thankful he exists.  

Today was just another day in the life of Rachel, where my heart is feeling ripped and gripped by what I would consider a nasty email by a very broken human being. An email that was full of hateful words, false statements, and hurtful accusations. Today, like many other days, started off great, then I allowed myself to temporarily become consumed by the brokenness of someone that finds happiness in tearing me down verbally.

I’ve had to endure life with this person for a while, and some people may assume that because I share hope with others, I live from a constant place of hope myself.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just ask my friend, who received the phone call minutes after I read the particular email, and she’ll tell you that my hope meter can reach a low point, as it did at that moment. Or let my stepdaughter, who ran to let my husband know that I was very upset, tell you that moments like these have happened several times before. I too get weak, weary, and at times feel hopeless.

When will I be able to live in complete peace?

Why is this person constantly allowed to do whatever they want and never be held accountable?

These questions and many more enter my mind as I slipped into the arms of my husband. The man who has stood in the gap for me hundreds, if not thousands, of times as verbal insults are thrown towards me from the other end of the internet connection to which the courts decided, I must endure.  

My Dear Sweet Husband.

He has spent almost a decade enduring financially, emotionally and physically the consequences of a situation he never was part of, without a single complaint. He has wiped my tears, calmed my frustration and given me hope when the courts ultimately dismissed my cry for help and added more insult to injury. He has comforted me, supported me, and spoken life into every single negative word that tried to take root in my heart from a person whose only motive seems to be to break my spirit and cause me to crumble.

Let me admit, he has gotten tons of grey hairs during the process, but he continues to be the shining example of a husband and father no matter what is said, thought or done towards him or me. He admits his faults and grows from his shortcomings.

When I am at my weakest points, he prays and fasts for me. He will stop whatever he is doing to talk to me. He has taken the time (with and without some resistance) to learn how to listen to me. He has allowed me to grow with him and modeled for me the relationship between Christ and the Church.  

I don’t think I have ever been able to say that a specific person that exist during my lifetime, was my hero. I always equated a Hero with someone that was perfect, and no one fit that definition. But a Hero is actually someone that comes into a seemingly impossible situation and revives hope to it by bringing the solution or being the solution. This is when I realized that My Husband is My Hero!

Not because he is perfect, as that definition of a hero is skewed. He is my hero because since he has been in my life, he has revived hope within me and my children, and has always brought or been a solution to situations that seemed impossible, just like Christ would do.

So today, I want to take a moment to honor my husband and my hero, whose name happens to mean “Strong Willed Warrior,” because he never gets tired of fighting to keep my heart at peace, my purpose protected and my love for him growing.


We Want To Hear From You:

How can you choose to focus on the one that loves you over those that want to steal your peace and joy? As a wife, in what areas has your husband been your hero? As a husband, in what areas do you desire to be your wife’s hero?

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