I have to admit that sometimes I have an issue with rage on the road. Not the kind that drives 30 miles above the speed limit or gives mean gestures to people when they aren’t driving fast enough.

No, not that kind at all.

Mine is not so much road rage as it is Rush Rage.

It’s more like ‘I’m in a Rush, so move faster.’ I’m not like those people that want to drive fast just because they can. It’s really not my fault. It’s just that everything around me slows down when I’m late. The speed limit it too slow, the people driving the speed limit are too slow, the red lights are too long and a complete stop at a stop sign is like torture. So sometimes in my Rush Rage” I will occasionally…zoom in front of a car that’s driving slower than my internal speedometer can tolerate. OCCASIONALLY.

Having Rush Rage has never really bothered me, until recently. This particular day I was trying to make it to work after a hectic morning getting out the door. I pulled out the driveway and prepared to make a left turn onto the street that leads me directly to my job. In front of me was a compact car that was certainly not feeling the same sense of urgency that I was. So they drove the normal residential speed limit of 20-25 miles per hour. My heart began to race and I began to look around for a sign that said the speed limit.

I was almost sure that “slow as you can go” wasn’t it. Before I knew it I had checked the oncoming traffic, saw I had enough time to make it around them and get back in the right lane before anyone would notice, hit the accelerator and zoomed past them.


OH NO…what was I thinking. What kind of representative was I being for my church? Surely this person behind me was thinking, “I will never step foot in that church” or even worse “I want to visit that church just to find the lady with the bumper sticker that acts like a manic…clearly maniacs go to that church”.

So I did what any other Rush Rage person would do that remembered their church bumper sticker was on the back of the car. I zoomed faster and turned the corner in hopes that my bumper sticker would become a distant memory.

What an episode, has this ever happened to you? What I have learned about Rush Rage is that it can easily cross over into other aspects of life. Our spouses, children, even colleagues can experience the overflow of our Rush Rage habit. It can even damage relationships within our blended family because we don’t understand that some relationships need more time to more cultivate than others. Being a blended family takes time, yet I can admit that I have had moments of Rush Rage when I felt the children weren’t responding to my display of loving parenting the way I would have liked. Rush rage can create expectations but it can’t force outcomes. I have learned that my blended family process cannot be rushed. I have to allow each person to drive the speed limit that they are most comfortable with both children and spouse. My job is to ensure that the road conditions of my heart remain clear and full of love, wisdom and acceptance.

On the road Blending in the vehicle called Intentional the bumper sticker that’s on display should say “Take Your Time”

What are some ways you have had Rush Rage with your blended family?