Zig Ziglar was one of the world’s greatest and most influential motivational speakers and family advocates. His work and legacy are beyond extraordinary and has been proven to be an amazing resource for individuals, families and companies.

This is why we are so excited to have Mark Timm, CEO of Ziglar Family contribute the Foreword for our Revised Better than Blended Workbook.


Mark is not only the CEO of Ziglar Family, but he is also part of a blended family as well. He and his wife Ann have a total of 6 children that they have had the joy of blending together.

When we shared our Revised Better than Blended Workbook with him, here are a couple things he said,


“As soon as I read the first chapter, I immediately began thinking how much this workbook would have helped my family a few years ago when we first came together.”

“The ideas and principles the Scotts share in this Better than Blended Workbook can be valuable at any time in the process, not only at the beginning. Ann and I are reaping additional benefits from it even now, years after we started this blended family journey.”


How Exciting!


And now you can share in the excitement by Pre-Ordering your own CouplesPack of the Revised Better than Blended Workbook.


So what’s different about the Revised Workbook?

  1. The revised edition is more suitable for couples that may have religious or cultural differences. It allows couples to get on the same page in their blending no matter what their beliefs may be.
  2. Some of the material has been updated to fit new experiences and perspectives regarding how to navigate through some of the challenges of blending.
  3. New content has been added to help couples become more intentional with blending better and fostering unity within their family.


We know you are now more excited than ever to dig into this new resource!


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