Mentoring is a unique and exciting opportunity for us to personally impart the wisdom we have gained from our experiences, so that can learn from our trials, and triumphs with blending. With the mentoring sessions, our desire is to take an active interest in your development as we walk the blended family journey with you. Our goal is to be a source of encouragement and knowledge as you create markers to celebrate of personal and family growth.

1:1 Individual Mentoring Session is perfect for:

– Single parents
– Individual’s having a hard time adjusting to their role within the family (non-couple related)
– Individual facing challenges with custody and co-parenting
– Outside influences that desire to better support the blended family

1:1 Couples Mentoring Session is perfect for:

– Engaged couples with children
– Parents marrying an individual that doesn’t currently have children
– Married couples that are having blending challenges in the home
– Couples having challenges with co-parenting

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