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In the Fall of 2013, a little Facebook group needed someone to post verses and lead prayer. A prompting in my heart said, “Hey, you can do that.”

Without a leader, this Facebook group for Christian stepmoms would close. There were only 50 of us at the time. Why would it matter? It mattered because this was our community. Finding a Christian stepmom to pray with you is a treasure.  Founding The Joyful Stepmom came from a need for community with my Christian sisters.

​I think it’s no secret that blended families make up a broad part of our culture today. And stepmoms are right there in the middle. Online communities are a growing outlet for us to search for help, resources, and not feel alone.   As a Christian, it’s important that I fill my cup with support that matches Jesus’ heart and word. When we search online and ask for help, there should be a Christian stepmom on the other end willing to stand in the gap and pray with us. This is Better Than Blended, The Joyful Stepmom and so many of our ministry partners.

I feel strongly that there is a place and need for online ministry. Our community on Facebook has been such a place of evangelism, family and support that I can only point towards Jesus as an explanation.

But the excitement of God’s plans for our ministry didn’t stop there. Last year we launched our Local Chapters. Online we pray together, offer support and participate in Bible studies. The mission of our Local Chapters is to be the hands and feet! Jesus never sat on the sidelines. He washed feet, broke bread, and sat with the sick. He rejoiced and prayed with his friends.

It is such a joy to see our members stand up and say “Yes! I will lead a Local Chapter and reach out to my sisters.”

We have leaders starting chapters across the USA. You are meeting in churches, living rooms, coffee shop, just to name a few. Some of you are doing book studies, devotionals, or just praying over coffee. I can only imagine that when the stepmoms gather together in His name, it brings great joy to the heart of Jesus.

Hold onto your seat, because God didn’t stop there! Two of our Local Chapter leaders in Texas have organized a retreat for February 2018. I am just in awe and so excited! You can find out more information on our website. These two stepmoms are following the prompting of Jesus to gather stepmoms together in community. They are saying “Yes, Lord. I can do that.”

The Joyful Stepmom 2016 Verse of the Year was Ruth 1:16 ​”Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay.” This verse is a promise between women.  It shows their bond and devotion to each other. I feel it is an amazing example of the bond between stepmoms and our need for community on this journey.